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Garden Planner 2017

To download and print out this Garden Planner please click here.

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School Holiday Fun

If you find it difficult to fill up the days in the school holiday then just look to your own back yard, we fill it with equipment for our children to entertain themselves but it’s already full of things to do. All you need to do is to supply a few ingredients that will ignite […]

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Perfume in the garden

We have always had a passion for perfume; it is a part of every culture and plays an important role in our lives; it would be hard to imagine life without it. Scent among other things, gives us the ability to recall memories. In fact the memory recall we have with a smell is more […]

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Tips & tricks for growing your own…

Everything happens in the top few cm of the earth crust, so treat it right; it is a big factor to the success of your garden. Ancients Greek built a canal system that was used to deliver human sewage to feed the vegetable crops and olive groves. Early New Zealand settlers weren’t squeamish either, they […]

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Cutting Tools

One thing I am pretty obsessive about is my cutting tools; I don’t like lending them and I probably have more than is really necessary but find a new shape or style hard to resist. Like a lot of the stuff we buy, price is often our guide; secateurs probably get more use than any […]

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Winter Clean Up

I always think of this time of year as clean up time especially on your fruit trees, the work you do now will benefit you in the coming spring. The biggest job is the pruning and the spraying, this is done when the leaves have fallen off. With the trees bare, you get better access […]

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Vireyas Rhododendrons

Vireyas Rhododendrons are perfect for Northland gardens when you consider they are from the tropical rain forest of Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea, you can see why. New Zealand had its first collection of over 100 plants in 1976; these were housed at Puketi, in the Rhododendron gardens in the Taranaki. Although they […]

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The first bite of a new season strawberry feels like summer is really here but if you want to enjoy home grown berries, now it the time to plant. Early bare-rooted strawberry plants arrive in store around mid Jun they are in bundles of ten, it’s the cheapest way to buy plants but it is […]

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Seed merchants

I started working in garden centers in the 70’s,those of you from Wellington will remember Zenith Garden Centre but back then they also still had their original Zenith Seeds store in Willis St. The store was packed full of the weird and wonderful, great tools that would probably still be working today and seed varieties […]

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It’s the season for planting new rose bushes that’s not to say you can’t get and plant them at other times of the year but for the best choice now is the time to buy. There are thousands of varieties to choose from, you can appreciate the struggle every year to choose twelve months in […]

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