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Growing Micro Greens

Micro greens are simply sprouts grown in a shallow dish with minimum potting mix. They are harvested only once, but as they are a mix of seeds with varying germination times you will get several harvests out of one tray. Have a few trays on the go and stagger their planting so you get a continual harvest.

How to Grow

• Choose a shallow tray without any drainage holes, fill with potting mix to a depth of about 1cm, then moisten the soil. • Scatter the seeds on to the moist potting mix, although the spacing is not critical as the plants will only be growing to a few centimetres, try to try to spread them as evenly as you can. Cover with a layer of soil about 5mm thick. • For the first day or two, increase the humidity for germination by covering the tray, if you don’t have a clear cover use glad wrap to wrap over the top; punch a few holes in the plastic to provide ventilation. The tray can now go in to a low light warm spot to germinate. • Keep the soil moist throughout the germination process, use a mister this will prevent overwatering, the soil should not be soggy. • When the seeds sprout, move them in to a position with more light but not direct sunlight. • The seeds grow in to tiny plants that once they have developed a few adult leaves are ready for use. • Snip them off at ground level use them straight away or store in the fridge. • Prepare the tray ready for another sowing you will be able to use the soil a few times.


Add crunch, colour and zing to any salad or sandwich


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