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Growing Yams

Perfect little root vegetable its mottled flesh is packed with flavour. Both red and yellow are grown in the same conditions. Inca Gold has a yellow flesh and grows up to 10cm long and 3cm thick both are a high crop yield.

It is a long growing crop of at least 10 months but your patience is rewarded with this tasty veggie that is packed with flavour and is especially good roasted.


They need a free draining position with good sun, add some potash to the soil as you plant and again monthly through the growing season. Keep any lime away from them. Planting can be anywhere from late July through to mid-October. The seed is planted at a depth of approx. 3-5 cm deep and at a minimum of 30-35cm apart, if you can give them more space it is better for air flow as they have vigorous foliage growth.


Water regularly to maintain soil moisture especially in the dry months, but watch the soil doesn’t become waterlogged over the autumn and winter months as the crop will rot. The crop grows below the ground with only the foliage showing.

Harvest is at least 4 weeks after the foliage has died off; it is during this time that the crop will be fattening up. If you are in a region that has frost, we recommended that you leave your yams in the ground to get “frosted” a few times as this will enhance the flavour.

Once you have dug them up discard or use immediately any damage ones, store the rest in a dry dark place till required.

Inca Gold Yam Seed is a protected seed variety. Morton Smith-Dawe Ltd has been granted permission to market this seed on condition that it is not multiplied further for seed production, re-sold or traded in any way, without written authority from Crop and Food Research or by Morton Smith-Dawe Ltd. Contravention of these conditions will render the home gardener or grower liable under the “Plant Varieties Act”, 1987, where a prosecution will apply.


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