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JULY in your garden with Redwoods


  • Seed Potatoes will now be arriving in stores, planting can start late winter in warmer regions but colder regions it is better to leave planting till all danger of frost in over. Potato varieties are spilt in to two types –early and main crop and some are both. Base your choice on the potatoes you like to buy from the supermarket. 

  • New season fruit trees will be in store now, choose an open sunny site with good drainage. Prepare the soil with plenty of compost and stake while young if necessary. For an unscientific test to check your drainage, try the bucket test. Dig a hole a little smaller than an average size bucket, fill the hole with water and check how long it takes to drain away, if the water is gone within an hour, the spot is fine!

  • Finish pruning passionfruit and blueberries.

  • Plant strawberries now and tidy up your existing strawberry beds.

  • Plant a second crop of Brassicas, spinach, silver beet and lettuce.

  • Garlic and shallots can still be planted.

  • To prevent the spread of bugs clean and disinfect your greenhouses ready for the coming season. Jenolan and warm soapy water will do fine just make sure you get in to the corners.

  • Spray your citrus trees during winter at 3-4 week intervals. Use copper Oxychloride and spraying oil (these can be mixed together) to combat.

  • Winter tomato “Alboran” can be planted for those of you with greenhouses.

  • Passionfruit can be planted, they require perfect drainage and maximum sunshine hours protect the new plants form frost.

As we head into the colder months some areas will experience frosts to varying degrees. While frosts have the ability to cause significant damage, they are also beneficial to the garden especially in the control of insects and pests. To avoid damage to your susceptible plants use frost cloth. The lightweight fabric lets air and water in while insulating your plants from frosts between 2 – 4 degrees Celsius.

Team Tip – If you do get some frost damage on your plants, don’t prune it until all danger of frost has passed. This will ensure that any new growth will not be burnt again.


  • If you haven’t already pruned your roses it can be done this month, prune to maintain an open symmetrical shape and encourage strong new growth. Remove all dead, damaged and diseased wood; open the bush by removing any branches that cross through the centre. Remove any growth that occurs below the bud union at the base of the plant. Finally cut back all previous season growth by at least one third its length. Make all cuts to an outward.

  • Tie up and feed your sweet peas, feed with a general fertiliser

  • For summer flowers to pick, Oriental and Asiatic lilies are now in store, plant in the ground or in a pot.

  • Plant shade loving Helleborus.

  • New season Magnolias, Flowering cherries,Luquidambers and maples are now in store,plant now to let the tree establish strong roots before the dry weather.

  • Prune hedges ready for the spring flush.

  • New season Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Camellias in store now!


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